CD Order

Hey folks! We’re proud to introduce our first recording project called “Deliver Me.” It’s an 8-song “CD” of original Christian songs that Lane and Rusty have written over the years.

Songs (click to play short demos):

“I Believe I Will Sing”

“Let the Little Children Come”

“I Shall Stand”

“Potter’s Clay”

“There’s a Light”

“Deliver Me”

“I See Love”

“Little White Church”

Deliver Me - CD Cover

They’re all yours for under a buck a song. If you want a CD, add three bucks shipping. Or, if you prefer to download mp3s and have them immediately – plus save on shipping – you have that option below. We have glimmers of new songs, songs almost finished, and songs ready to record, so please watch our site for more of God’s greatest hits!

Option 1 (CD): Order CD to be shipped to you. Price is $6 per CD plus $3 S/H. Delivery in 7-10 days.   Option 2 (mp3 - 256kbps): Download eight mp3 files immediately to your PC. No CD will be shipped. Price is $6 for eight songs.

Peace and Thanks from Ebenezer!