Ebenezer began its life in 1986 as an acoustic duo composed of Weatherfordites Dave Deison and Rusty Crownover. Dave and Rusty entertained at churches, civic events, private parties, coffee houses, and restaurants for over 20 years. Around 2004 or so, it was learned that Geoff Ice, a fellow Bible study attendee, owned briefcases full of harmonicas. Geoff, therefore, became the third Ebenezer.

Shortly after Geoff was enlisted, Rusty learned that Bob (fellow 'Audrey's Choir' member in the 70s) had moved from Canyon to Benbrook. He, too, was conscripted to play his amazing bass with Ebenezer. Shortly after Bob settled in, Lane (also an 'Audrey's Choir' veteran), who had been in Irving for a few years with his family, agreed to bring his sweet, old Guild guitar and rejoin Rusty and Bob. Then due to the natural gas boom, travel, and three grandbabies, Dave semi-retired from Ebenezer-ing in 2007.

In the winter of 2008, Rusty went to work for an old friend in Arlington, where he met Ron Yates. 'Dr. Ron' was a slam-dunk to invite into Ebenezer because of his rich musical background combined with his magic, synthesized sax (see Ron's bio). The latest addition to Ebenezer (summer of 2008) is Katherine Grimm, who used to sing soprano under Lane's direction in the Ridgeview Presbyterian choir. Katherine's job is to make Rusty, Lane, and Bob's vocal sound better, which she accomplishes early and often.

Ebenezer has five members. Details about each below: