Katherine Grimm, vocals

Katherine Grimm Katherine began singing at very young age. Her first recital, at age 5, was "Let`s Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins, orchestral interludes and all. She had a very high squeaky voice back then and some say it hasn`t changed a bit.

Katherine was a member of her elementary, junior high and high school choirs, singing first soprano all the way. She also took piano lessons for 8 years. In 1977-1978, after high school graduation, she went to South Africa as a Rotary Exchange student, and attended a high school that specialized in music; there she was able to play her first (only) stage role as Kaspar, one of the three kings in "Amahl and the Night Visitors." While in South Africa, she was also fortunate enough to be part of the very first multi-racial performance with the Durban Symphonic Choir and the Royal Zulu Choir, performing Handel`s "Messiah."

Upon her return to the States in 1978, she attended North Texas State University (University of North Texas now) in Denton, Texas, and graduated with a music education degree in 1982. She was very distracted in college and spent more time goofing around, being distracted by boys, and listening to other people perform than she did on her own music. However, she did manage to learn a bit along the way.

After graduation, Katherine realized she did not want to teach - she preferred singing - so she found mostly gainful employment in the Dallas area and started singing in local choruses, such as Brookhaven Community Chorus and Plano Civic Chorus. Her Broadway fever was fed by being part of Summersong, a group that performed Broadway show medleys, sponsored by her church at the time, Ridgeview Presbyterian. In 2004, Katherine began singing with the Dallas Symphony Chorus - one of the most rewarding and satisfying musical experiences of her life. She also sang in her church choir, played handbells, taught music during VBS and Sunday School, sang at weddings and funerals, sang solos in church and eventually ended up directing the church choir for a time. She stepped aside when the church hired Lane Lively, an incredibly talented guy who was also a member of this group called Ebenezer.

In 2008, she was asked to be a chick singer with Ebenezer - she said yes and is having another rewarding and satisfying musical experience. Katherine feels very blessed by the opportunities to perform with such talented musicians, and looks forward to getting more coordinated with the rhythm instruments.