Lane Lively, guitar & vocals

Lane Lively, guitar & vocals Lane began his musical education at the age of 6, studying piano under the tutelage of his Aunt "Mimi" in Irving, Texas. He followed his brother into the choir programs throughout Jr. High and High School, as well as singing in the church choirs at First Presbyterian in Irving. His performance interest began in High School with the formation of a band called "Insane Lane and the Caretakers," where he was the lead singer for a group whose best song was "Wipe Out" (that drummer had it down!) After High School, he attended Austin College in Sherman, Texas where he earned his B.A. in Music.

Shorty after graduating from AC, he was hired to be a "Heymaker" at the Country Dinner Playhouse in Dallas, a job where he sang and played guitar nightly to entertain the guests in the pre-show portion of the evening. The problem here was that Lane did not play guitar, so he borrowed an old Yamaha, hung it around his neck, and "faked it" with the best of 'em. He was fortunate in that one of the other singers, Steve Arnold (, graciously offered to teach him, and this tweaked his interest in songwriting, as Steve was an accomplished songster. This would lead to Austin, Texas, where they played in the dinner theater again, and wrote songs for the living room. It was in Austin that Lane met his wife, Linda, as well as his musical cohorts, Rusty Crownover and Bob Gerardy. They formed "Audrey's Choir" in the late 70's and played around Texas for a few years until vocal problems sidelined Lane and he was ordered to a year of "vocal rest."

Several years passed, and Lane was offered an opportunity to assemble a music program for a mission church in the Austin area, "Church of the Saviour." It was here that he began writing and arranging for his choir, an interest which he would foster for over 20 years at churches in Irving and Farmers Branch, where he composed anthems, songs, and cantatas for use in the Sunday and special services. Some of the pieces he composed for choir have been re-arranged for Ebenezer, so they have found new life.

Just a few short years ago, Rusty invited Lane to come sit in with "Ebenezer," just to fill in some gaps since original member Dave Deison was on Safari! When Dave returned, Ebenezer became a quintet, and Lane has performed with them with as few as 2 and as many as 6, so, here's to more days of "Ebenezering," more songs to be written and sung, and more chances to make and share our love of music in the future.